I´m a documentarist, visual artist and a pasionate trad climber. 

I participated on internationally succesful art projects (Banksy´s Dismaland 2015, Szpilman Award 2013, Zootropio 2012).

For my climbing documents I have been awarded on many international mountaineering film festivals(2014-2019).

In 2015 I co-founded a trad climbing festival POVL, which takes place every year in Czech Republic.

I have a Master in Photography (FAMU, Prague 2005-2011)

Adam Ondra 

Pushing the limits

An intimate portrait of Adam, one of the most dedicated humans I know. A film essay which takes his achievments in broader contexts and follows him to his next challenge, the Olympic games in Tokyo 2020. 




Black Diamond 

The Balkan trilogy

In 2018 I went on a climbing road trip with Adam Ondra thru Balkan countries with the goal to produce three short videos for Black Diamond. I wanted to try to avoid the clichés of the outdoor industry, like the overuse of music and drama. I created two short conceptual videos about topics of fame and cooking and one longer, non-narative document.

I´ve been studying photography on one of the prestigious universities, FAMU Prague. I´m still in love with the media, although the relationship went thru some development. From the artistic point where I started to the fun which I´m having now. I´m still trying to explore art positions though - but thats in the documents. 

Short documentary 

Tomas Mrazek

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