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Jan graduated FAMU, Department of Photography. He is a photographer, documentary director, DOP and editor. As a filmmaker, he worked on many internationally awarded short movies as well as popular TV series or a Netflix documentary. Currently, he focuses on finishing a full feature documentary in an international co-production for cinema distribution about the best climber of the world, Adam Ondra. He is used to working alone or in large crews anywhere from a fashion show to the Himalayas. In his free time he is a passionate climber and a forest lover. 



2022 - Adam Ondra: Pushing the limits. Screenplay, director, DOP, Photography
2021 - 14 Peaks, additional DOP
2020 - Balkan up and down, TV series, DOP
2019 - Life of a photographer, online series, DOP, editor
2018 - From hammer to a drill, director, DOP, editor


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